Ideas to Help Overcome Depression

Ideas to Help Overcome Depression | Hopelinks

Prioritizing, Planning & Controling Your Thoughts

Remember, these are suggestions and ideas.

You should always consult a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist when dealing with any type of depression.

  • Making lists of priorities for the day, especially appointments that need to be kept may be important.
  • Get a calendar and learn to look at it each night and again in the morning.
  • Schedule in a time of day to take a break and either rest, take a walk, or read a book.
  • Do something that is quiet but enjoyable to you.
  • Exercise will increase your endorphins and can give you energy.
  • Talking to a good friend who you can just be honest with takes the load off your mind.

Learn to make little bargains with yourself. This is a kind of mind control, only you are the one controlling it.

  • Set a bedtime ritual.
  • Read affirmations.
  • Consciously choose not to think of work of what you have to get done the next day after you review your calendar. This will give your mind a break from the depression.

Ideas for recovery from codependency in relationships with depression involved might be to make a list of all the positives that you do now and use them into individual sentences. This is called an affirmation. Examples would be:

  • I have some good friends.
  • I always pay the bills on time.
  • I am a trustworthy person.
  • I dress in a decent way and keep my body clean.
  • Add more of your own…

If you are spiritual, a list of Bible verses is a great help. Psalms has a lot of positive verses. If you believe in God there are statements in the Bible about How I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me or when the burdens are great Christ strength increases. Learn to let God carry part of your load. Prayer can aid codependent and depression recovery if you believe in it. The Bible says, “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.” Start believing you are worthy and that God has a plan. Life is not chance or a free for all.

Phil MacGraw has several books on changing the tapes and identifying blocks to success. He deals with self honestly. Self Matters, may be a great book to begin with. His others are also uplifting and worth looking at too.

List what brings you fun in life and schedule to it at least once a month. Save a little money in a “fun jar” and let yourself play to remember the child within you. Listening to music is soothing or stimulating. Both can either calm depression or lift it into energy, making them a great source of help. Recovery from a codependent relationship takes a great deal of time, compounded when you are depressed. Make sure you allow time.

A recovery support or network system is important. Nobody wants to go through life alone. Support groups like AA or NA are informational and a place to speak confidentially. A counselor may be able to guide you to a mental health support group.

Thoughts are very powerful because what you dwell on has a lot to do with how you will act. Start changing negative talk into positive statement. Instead of saying, ‘Nobody cares about me.’, change it to most people care about others. It is safe to have friends and they may be the biggest help.

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