Ideas to Help Parents Avoid Codependent Kids

Ideas to Help Parents Avoid Codependent Kids | Hopelinks

Ideas for Parents

With two parents working, it is vital that parents learn how to spend quality time with their children. Children can also suffer depression, which is a very heavy burden for a child. Our busy society often leaves out time to play and nurture the child.

If you need more information for children with depression, please seek professional consultation. Information for raising children free from codependent relationships and codependent personality traits, is available.

Symptoms of codependent parents can be passed on to children since children mimic the codependent behavior of the parent. Also, lack of time and attention can contribute.

Codpendency and depression are not adult only categories. Some of the most susceptible people to codependent relationships and depression are teens. Teenagers are labeled different than children as they are becoming adolescents. They are especially susceptible to mood swings and depression due to the hormones in their body changing so rapidly.

Also, there is peer pressure and a constant change of friends. This is due to the changes from grade school to middle school and then high school. Each stage of codependency gets more serious and larger in size. It is easier to get lost as a teen and teenagers will find a place to fit in. If they don’t get support and understanding at home they may fall into depression, truancy, isolation, and extreme codependent relationships. Another choice would be the drug culture, or possibly gang affiliation.

Parents have to be aware of where children are but at the same time increase their level of responsibility. The goal in a balanced family is to make children independent rather than codependent.

Be sure to find out what activities they enjoy whether sports, horticulture, skating, a library club or computers. Then make sure they have access to the most positive so they are less likely they fall into trouble. There are accommodations in most states schools are required to adapt a program for learning disabilities and ADHD. They can not discriminate.

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