Maintaining Self Esteem

Maintaining Self Esteem | Hopelinks

In order to continue rehabilitation maintaining what you have created while building self esteem is essential. The are specific steps you can take to protect the feelings you have created for yourself and continue claiming your rights as a person.

Protecting Yourself

Quit protecting your parents.

Ways of Protecting Parents:

  • My childhood was fine and my parents are great.
  • God will get mad at me if I tell what happened.
  • I only got what I deserved.

These protective statements need to be brought to the truth of what your family and childhood was really like. Addiction recovery and the building of self esteem are often related to a spiritual belief.

“One of the reasons that many adult children do not want a relationship with God or go to church is because they were raised by so called ‘Christian’ parents and forced to go to church and abused at both places.

Some people have made a choice they would rather have no God than the one they met as a child. As an adult it is important that you look for the truth. If this is one of your blocks see what the Bible says about abuse especially of children and also look at how often God Himself has brought down evil off the throne and whole nations fall for evil living.

God is not the evil mean one, and He does not justify it. Investigate yourself. Don’t ever make excuses for evil or abuse as it is the work of the devil.

Many so called Christians that abuse, or sit by and allow it to happen, may find a surprise when they die and expect they are a holy chosen people. The Lord Himself says, “Not everybody who uses my name will be recognized by me.” It is important you keep an open mind to the new and make your own decisions. Ask the Lord if He is real and cares about you to show you and reveal Himself personally instead of others opinions.

If you see God as against you it will be hard or impossible to find the relationship. Don’t make God your parents or into man’s image.

Claiming Your Rights as a Person

You Have the Right To:

  • Make your own decisions without pleasing others.
  • Dignity and respect.
  • Say, “No” to what you don’t want.
  • Live without others controlling you.
  • Privacy
  • Live without abuse.
  • Report crime or violence against yourself, or your children.
  • Make mistakes and correct them.
  • Be treated like you treat others, which is respectful.
  • Leave any relationship behind, without strings.
  • Leave you family of origin if they will not admit the abuse they did toward you and make steps to amend them.

The foundation for building self esteem to engage in codependency and addiction recovery, is built by returning to the child of innocence within. Study and do your own work to become whole, remembering this is for your healing. Each person is different and becoming whole will depend on what an individual’s experiences have been. The only person in your life at all times and the only one who knows the truth from your perspective is you. Stand for the truth in you.

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