Moving On From Grief & Loss

man sitting on chair covering his eyes

Handling Grief and Loss is a Process

Patience and time are needed to overcome deep wounds. The rejection of people around you is often worse than the actual event itself. Moving on from the stages of grief and loss requires you to make the best decisions for your healing, not the happiness of someone else.

Another source of information of grief issues is any of Elisabeth Kubler Ross, who originally designed the grief cycle herself. She is a psychiatrist, who has dedicated her life to grief and people making life transitions. A medical physician should be seen if the grief stays in the depression cycle too long and starts to disable your life or you have suicidal feelings.

Don’t diminish the degree of pain the loss has brought to you. Remember the earlier statement that betrayal and breaking confidences can be devastating in itself. Choose who you talk to about intimate matters wisely. If you are having trouble at work, you can always see if you have built up vacation time or ask for a leave of absence.

Men especially find it difficult to express grief. Woman are known as the caregivers and it is more acceptable in society to show grief. For men it is considered weak as the culture makes men macho.

In reality, when born both boys and girls are sensitive and have a caring spiritual nature to them. They learn from role models and television to copy others instead of staying true to themselves. An adult relationship would be based on both sides being sensitive and seen as healthy to express intimacy.

There is the quick fix tendency of over consuming alcohol, making jokes, having sex, becoming a workaholic or other times, consuming obsessions to avoid the pain and grief process itself. Remember that nothing, especially a person or pet can be replaced.

Do not turn around and get a new relationship or pet until you have grieved and said good-bye to the old as much as possible. You can and should be able to keep pictures of a deceased loved one in the house even when in a new relationship. You can make a list of all the things you admire in the person.

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