Possible Causes of Codependent Anger

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Possible Causes of Codependent Anger

Situations and settings where you are discriminated against are common causes of anger. Instead of doing nothing or reacting by screaming and being difficult for everyone, it is wise to file a written grievance with the proper authority. You have a right to protect your interests and discrimination is illegal.

Many people get angry because they have no boundaries or limits they put on themselves or others. People say “yes” to something they don’t want to do and then blame the other person for making them do it. People can not control you against your will or it is a crime.

In a busy world when many have difficulty paying the bills and commutes are long it is easy to build frustration through the day and take your anger out on the family. Emotions have to go some where, even if you think they don’t. Emotions build up in the body and lead to severe repercussions .

Help for Determining Codependent Anger

Here are some ideas for you to determine the cause your own anger.

  • Describe what you definition of anger is.
  • Name five things that make you angry.
  • What behaviors do you do when you are angry.
  • Do you stuff the anger?
  • Do you deny it but refuse to talk to the person you are angry at?
  • Does your anger end quickly or do you dwell on it for days?
  • Do you get angry at beliefs different than yours?
  • Do you get angry at what other people get away with and you don’t?
  • Do you get angry in a jealous way?
  • (People having more or an easier life than you.)
  • Do you have sudden angry outbursts?
  • How does your body feel, react when you are angry?

When anger is an issue in your life monitor it. If people are complaining about your anger or you find yourself dwelling on or spending excessive time angry, there is a problem. Mind mapping and positive affirmations can be helpful in this area.

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