The Importance Of Personal Honesty

The Importance Of Personal Honesty | Hopelinks

It is nearly impossible to remove the need for substances or build a life of positive, rewarding relationships unless you put effort into finding recovery information and building your self esteem to help addiction recovery.

The relationship between the addiction treatment process and improving self esteem is possibly more critical to understand and develop than any other underlying cause of alcohol and drug addiction. Not only does building self esteem help personal acceptance, it also helps in any recovery attempt.

The Importance of Personal Honesty

To Begin Understanding Answer Some Questions Regarding Your Esteem:

  • Do I deserve joy in my life?
  • Should I be accepted by others?
  • What do I expect from life?

One of the most important steps in the recovery process is to realize personal honesty is important. After making this realization it is then possible to acknowledge weakness and fears, then move forward to overcoming them. Only through this realization and process can an addiction truly be overcome.

*Remember, you are a unique individual and are no less worthy than anyone else in what you deserve from life. If you hesitated to answer or answered negatively to any of the questions above, please keep reading. You create your own tomorrow today. Changing a thought process or your inner expectations is essential to recovery.

The easiest way to grow out of codependency is to call on the strength within that has the ability to see beyond the current and change the future. An excellent spiritual book regarding your personal worth and values is, Believe in the God Who Believes in You, by Robert Schuller.

Beware of an over inflated ego, as it is usually the sign of someone not who has not tried building self esteem into personal acceptance. Braggarts and bullies do it to control others because they have no or very low self esteem. (Control of another may be an addiction for them.) They think of control of another person as power and strength, yet true power is different. Power is personal control and gain from others, not the controlling of others. Strength is realizing with humility that life is a gift and to be respected. Knowing you deserve respect is also important to the process.

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